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  • Same Day In-Home Support
  • Computer Training
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Wireless Networking
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Small BusinessComputerServices

  • On-site Engineers
  • Technical Support
  • Website Updates
  • Preventive Maintenance
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IT Services

  • Custom Builds
  • OEM Hardware Installations
  • Remote Support
  • Pre-Purchase Advice
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Computer Repair

This is what I can do for you,

I willing to fix anything form build a computer that you all ways wanted. If your computer is running slow and you do not want to get a new one right now call me. I will try to make it last for you, if you have a virus or Spyware. Let me removal it for you and I will make it good as new or we can just backup your data for you.


Here all the support that I offer,

Computer Training, I will sit with anyone and teach them how to used anything on the computer do's matter what it is will show you. Also what will be a great time to answer all your questions you have.

Technical Support, I will fix any computer problem you are having also can give you support on other software problem your are having.

Remote Support, It you do what me to come out or need help asap or just would like me walk you through instill something. Is also a great tool if you live fare I can just login and I can fix it right there.